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WVE Money Venture Incubation

At Future Arc we have incubated WVE solution from idea through to concept and MVP using our internal venture capabilities in research design and technology build with a human centered approach at the heart of our solution.We are currently raising investment and building the technology stack to support the launch of the product in the market. Along with building out the team and operational process that is needed to support the launch and growth of the business. 

The client

This was an internal venture with an external founder that we co developed the venture with.

The challenge​

Retail investors and Corporate Treasurers face similar problems, Interest rates with low rates on savings around 0.5 – 2% APY and rising inflation which is eating cash savings with no high interest quick release option. 

How we did it

We will disrupt the UK market by launching a virtual bank account with wallet support for Bitcoin and stablecoin deposits which can earn up to 8% APY. 

We looked to leverage our venturing capability to fully understand the problem and use our internal incubation process to build a solution and venture. This was done by understanding the problem through user research and flowing the output of this into our design of a solution. This was then paired with a technology solution in the backend.