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Future Arc is B Corp Certified

‘It is incredibly exciting for both Dave and I to announce that Future Arc has joined the collection of B Corp companies.

When we first heard about B Corp over a couple of years ago, we thought it would be something that would help us navigate to being an impact led company. Our reflection on the process is it has done exactly that.

We want our company to be for the positive impact on society as a whole. This includes the companies that we incubate. We genuinely believe that the only way we can solve societies near, and longer term, challenges is through galvanising small groups of people and empowering them with technology. It’s what our mission is and what we will keep working every day to play the part that we can.

B Corp isn’t a badge for us to use to market ourselves. It is a standard that sets the baseline of the organisation we have become, and one that we can improve against. The thing that we have fixed on is where our scores outlined areas that we need to work on improving and maturing.

To date we have had to balance the work we want to do (impact led) with survival and growth. Going forward, we will be shifting our focus to impact led work either directly or indirectly.’

Wyndham Plumptre & Dave McGahey
Future Arc Company Directors

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