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What we discovered during the B Corp certification process

Future Arc as a business has always had a belief that a small group of people motivated by purpose can achieve very impactful outcomes. When we began the process of becoming a B-Corp, we could immediately see that it aligned with this vision.

What we did not realise was how much the certification process would enable us to shine a light in to all corners of our operating business. It made us really understand how we should aspire to be doing things differently to continue to create a positive impact in our work.

Those of you who have been through the accreditation process yourself will know that it is incredibly exhaustive; a sign that shows how seriously the team at B-Corp take the certification process, wanting to ensure that all applicants can stand up to the scrutiny of being truly impact driven.

So as part of B-Corp month we’re lifting the lid on our own experiences and looking back on five things you might not know about the certification process.

1. It is DETAILED. The application process was something that all members of our management team pitched in to and can take weeks, even months to complete. You’ll need to really showcase your suitability to B-Corp certification, and live and breathe those positive values of going beyond and giving back.

2. There are some amazing B-Corp accreditors to help and guide you along the way and they provide a huge amount of support through the process. The B-Corp team provided active and positive input on five occasions during the process and were very involved and dedicated.

3. You’ll uncover blind spots that you may not have been aware of. For example in our first few years of operation as a business we informally supported and donated to communities and charities. However, B-Corp highlighted that a commitment to this as part of our strategy will help us record our impact, as well as aligning positively with our people. This is something we might not have seen were it not for the B-Corp application process and is something our team really buys into.

4. It’s a great opportunity to include your people on the journey. B-Corp is about showing your impact across all verticals in your business, so there are few opportunities quite like this to empower every team member with the opportunity to make a meaningful difference.

5. It makes you take stock of the amazing opportunities you have to make an impact and the amazing work you may have already done. Having to reflect on previous years as part of the application process can make you realise just how far you’ve come as an organisation and the true impact of your work. It’s the best motivation to keep driving ahead with our mission to deliver impactful outcomes for people.