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About us

Building a team

Future Arc, has a diverse team from different backgrounds, as we believe our different experiences and inclusivity help us tackle complex problems and make better decisions.

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We strive to produce high-quality work that delivers real value and creates a positive impact across all sectors we work in.

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For instance

We’ve saved over £100m for the taxpayer through public sector projects.

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We also helped the UK reach its Net-Zero target while dealing with COVID-19 and BREXIT.
We’ve helped marginalized and vulnerable people through Not-For-Profit collaborations.
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Our values


Success without integrity is failure.

Our core values of Honesty, Unity, and Reliability hold us accountable and guide us to always do the right thing, fostering team unity and collective grounding.


No team can advance if they remain stagnant.

We push our limits by stepping out of our comfort zones, leveraging our multi-disciplinary team’s diverse skills to broaden our perspective, knowledge, and consulting abilities.


Sometimes things may be challenging and that’s okay.

We believe in having the courage and resolve to tackle problems and try to come together to find a solution. We push ourselves to do this with enthusiasm and with determination.

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Our team

Wyndham Plumptre

Wyndham Plumptre

Wyndham is the Managing Director at Future Arc. He is passionate about delivering impactful change through challenging the status quo. Ask him anything about Supply Chains, incentivisation mechanisms, decentralisation and talent development!
Adam Painter - Ventures

Adam Painter

Adam Painter

Adam has a great passion for taking ideas from zero to launch and building successful ventures and innovations that create impact. He has a background working in high-performance teams and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Indy Hothi

Indy Hothi

Indy is our Chief Economist, financial expert and all-round top bloke. He’s also the Vice President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, on the board of various humanitarian charities and hosts a podcast - The CA Agenda.
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How we got here
August 2017
Future Arc Upstart icon
We have lift off!

Future Arc launches

Septemeber 2017
Projects underway!

First Future Arc projects client!

April 2018
Venture investment!

First Future Arc
venture invested in.

October 2019
Future tech

First Future Arc tech client

December 2019
Future Arc Ladder Icon
Future Arc grows

100% growth on year 1

February 2020
Venture launch

Future Arc launches
internal venture, Cimple!

Best new consultancy finalist!

Best new consultant finalist
at the MCA awards!

December 2022
We become a B-Corp!

We officially obtain
B-Corp status!

Present Day

23 people! Mature client relationships,
2 Ventures, a 3rd in Ideation