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What We Do

We work with start-ups and scale-ups investing our resources, time and networks to support businesses in their early growth.

Our Mission

To identify, incubate, and accelerate the growth of innovative start-ups that have the potential to create significant value and impact for our investors, partners, and society at large.

Advising &

We work with start-ups and large corporates on how to build, launch and grow new ventures.
FA Ellipse
FA Ellipse

Internally Nurtured Ventures

From our consulting insights, our entrepreneurial team find and found businesses from within.

Impact Led Innovation

Future Arc’s ultimate focus is to benefit society at large, and is why all our ventures are impact focused.
How We Can Support You

Our team of research experts can offer support with research phases across your business needs to inform you with a better understanding and aid in efficient and effective decision making.

User Quant/ Qual, UX/UI Analysis, White paper reports.

We aid in the creation, and development of your ideas whether that be a product, system or service, and can create the strategic planning to wrap around your product needs.

MVP build, Design strategy

From founder mentoring, grant writing, or building an advisory board of experts for your business, we can advise in a number of areas for you and your business.

Founder mentoring, Grant writing & Application support, Advisory panel support.

We can help refine the vision from MVP through to launch and beyond, our full service team can aid at which ever stage you are in your build and design journey.

User experience mapping, UI/UX build, Test iteration, Digital support

We will support you on with your GTM strategy. Building the monetisation plan, recruitment of your first user cohort and service the business needs depending on the route your brand requires. 

Strategic planning, User engagement planning, Channel Analysis, Financial & Pricing strategy

We work alongside investors to offer additional fundraising support by providing guidance, resources, assistance in planning and executing.

Investment readiness, Pitch deck support, Financial model support, Investment strategy,

Who We've Worked With


Cimple is a start-up aiming to transform the buying and supplying of goods and services. We have undertaken multiple phases of design and development in Cimple’s production, including the build of a goods marketplace and a service marketplace.​

Studio Support
Idea Validation
Product Vision
Brand Strategy
Brand Design
Business Road-Mapping
Product Prototyping
Campaign Creation
Product Build

Kitchen Ventures

Kitchen Ventures is one of the UK’s fastest growing cloud kitchen start-up’s. We worked with Kitchen Ventures in developing a comprehensive go-to-market strategy, a detailed growth plan developed from market research, a comprehensive presentation for Investor engagement and a financial model to support in their fundraising.

Studio Support
Investment Strategy
Financial Model Support
Pitch Deck Support
Strategic Planning


Suicide&Co is a charity supporting those bereaved by suicide. Our role on the project was to engage with their users in order to map out their desired experience and to support the enhancement of their service offering. This research was also used to support an investment case to build out their digital offering in order to have a larger impact globally.

Studio Support
User Quant/Qual
UX/UI Analysis
Digital Support & Services
Strategic Planning
Operational Support
Pitch Deck Support
Investment Strategy

Marie Curie

Future Arc has worked with the Marie Curie Executive Leadership Team and Board of Trustees since 2019 as their disruption and innovation partner. We worked with the team in understanding what long-term disruption would look like and what the future of palliative care could be in 2030. Prototype solutions were designed to support the business in continuing to provide the best end of life experience for its customers and society.

Studio Support
Strategic Planning
Digital Support & Services
Advisory Support
Investment Strategy
Musqet Future Arc Ventures


Musqet is a revolutionary peer-to-peer payments platform built on top of the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Future Arc worked with the team to help them define their technology architecture in addition to aiding with their investment strategy. This included the development of their data room, aimed to support due diligence process as they continued to raise funding. 

Studio Support
Digital Support & Services
Go To Market
Advisory Support
Financial Model Support
Investment Readiness
Investment Strategy
Intros With VCs


We worked closely with Farmacy to support with their Fundraising Strategy and to develop their Investor Engagement material. The product of this work not only provided the client with all the necessary documentation enabling them to engage with investors, but also supported them in building out their growth aspirations. 

Studio Support
Investment Strategy
Financial Model Support
Pitch Deck Support
Strategic Planning
Why Use a Venture Studio?

Venture studios achieve better results, with 84% of start-ups out of studios raising a seed round.​

Our innovative approach to venture building focuses on continuous improvement and iteration of  repeatable processes.

We do this to enable founders and business to focus on their expertise whilst we support them with the rest. These benefits include operational support, fundraising support, access to experts and a faster time to market. 
Current Landscape

Venture studios take an average equity stake of​ 34% in the companies they help create.​

We offer our services and advisory support to help you build and fund your business, in exchange for a minority equity stake.

This is because our investment is our services and not with financial investment attached, giving the founder more control of their cap table in the long run, and a greater chance of success.
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Nearly half (42%) of start ups fail due to a lack of product-market fit.​

CB Insight

We Strategically Position your business

We use design thinking to identify your users and analyse the market to ensure we design and create the right offering for users to ensure a strong product/ market fit from the outset. By applying our design thinking approach and processes, we de-risk your start up and increase the probability of success in the long term.
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Quality insights can reduce development time by 33% to 50%.​

Interaction Design Forum

We use Research to Power your Growth

We have a team of researchers to help you get to product/ market fit that works for your users- based on quality insight.

Our team are experienced in writing white papers, UX/UI analysis and optimisation, user testing, Qual and Quant techniques. Ensuring identification of insights for successful outcomes
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Every $1 invested in User Experience brings $100 in return.​


We Design, Test, Iterate, Build for you

Our in-house UI/UX Design team, work with you to build, learn and fail fast through testing and iterating - this helps us learn where the opportunity is and ensure you build a secure foundation to scale for growth.

Work with us, on your business

At Future Arc Ventures, we like to partner with innovative start-ups to support founders in achieving their vision. If you’re an early-stage start-up with a bold idea and a passion for making a difference, we want to hear from you. 

FA Stars
Wyndham Plumptre

Wyndham is the CEO at Future Arc. Previously he spent 10 years at PwC & EY. He started Future Arc 6 years ago and founded Cimple in 2018. Giving him knowledge of big business and how to successfully found and build businesses.

Adam Painter
Head of Ventures

Adam is passionate at launching successful ventures and innovations that create impact.

He drives our portfolio of ventures forward and brings a background from high-performance teams pushing the art of the possible.

Alexandra King
Ventures Design Strategist

Alexandra has experience in creating global brands in corporates such as Unilever and GSK and most recently in women’s health start-up Jude.

Her corporate and start-up experience gives her a blend of knowledge that’s proven to take ideas successfully in to fruition.

Cyrus Devlin
Ventures Architect

Cyrus has worked on a variety of projects in both the public and private sector. 

His recent focus has been supporting a global energy company with their Supply Chain Data and the development of their insights tool.


If you want to find out a little more or have any questions then please feel free to pop them below and one of our ventures team members will get back to you soon!