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Crown Commercial Services

Transforming the public sector

Supporting a 20% growth from £15bn to £18bn in FY 19/20 for the largest UK Public Buying Organisation; Crown Commercial Services helping them to deliver transformation of the organisation to increase its remit helping Government Buyers.

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Crown Commercial Services at the time managed £15bn per annum of spend on behalf of the Public Sector and wanted to double that over a 5 year period.

As their Digital Transformation Partner we helped them to deliver a £30m transformation of the organisation to increase its remit helping Government Buyers.

One of the key enablers of that growth was transforming the experience of the agency’s customers covering both Government Buyers and Suppliers to government. This was the key enabler to meeting their target of doubling the size of spend under management delivering greater savings for customers.

The transformation was centred on understanding buyer and supplier needs across the UK and transforming the organisation operationally to meet the needs of its customers. Future Arc were brought in to lead on the Customer Experience Transformation as part of a broader Transformation Programme.

Our role initially was to lead a discovery exercise, running user research across all parts of the UK Public Sector on the needs of both buyers and suppliers and how CCS could transform its service to support the experiences required. Our team ran the CX Review interviewing 50 different organisations and over 100 different individuals. Our discovery identified 4 key themes around the experience customers expected/desired. The output of the discovery was used to undertake a full service redesign centred around a series of measurable experience principles and new service designs that could then be implemented universally across the organisation.

Our team then led the following phase of delivery that worked with a multidisciplinary team from CCS to undertake the detailed design and implementation of a pilot of the new end-to-end experience in a specific category.

The pilot was successful in driving a new set of experiences for customers improving access to CCS services and thus increasing customers utilising the organisations services and the NPS of the customers who were taking up the service.

After a successful pilot our team then supported the new experience design being designed and launched across a further 5 categories and the combined efforts supported the delivery of c.£3bn growth in spend going through CCS frameworks delivering c.£100m further commercial savings to the UK Public Sector.

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