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Good life projects

Increasing profitability

Improving the day to day business operations of Goodlife’s services as well as engaging multiple potential investors through our growth and investment planning activity.

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Goodlife Projects is a portfolio company that is a global hospitality business (operations in London, Cape Town, New York, Sydney and Verbier). 

Goodlife Projects wanted to assess the potential for increasing growth globally and then put a business-wide expansion plan into play.

Future Arc were brought in as the strategic business advisor to the CEO to assess all aspects of the operations of the business. We worked with the team to define the potential growth strategies and options for new country growth as well as opportunities to improve the day to day operations of the business. 

We then helped to develop the future plan for growth including the investment plan and financial modelling required to attract investment into the business. 

The team consisted of senior consultants with experience in business modelling, growth strategy and service assessments.

As a result the business discounted different growth propositions that it had been testing and discontinued poor performing services again increasing profitability.

Finally, our growth and investment planning activity helped to engage multiple potential investors (which we supported on the engagement) but ultimately the business chose to pursue organic growth over bringing in investment at this stage.

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