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Marie Curie

The future of care

Creating plausible future scenarios for what the Future of Care would be from 2025 onwards with new value propositions at a conceptual stage which received more funding to enable a discovery into their feasibility, viability and desirability.

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Marie Curie is a  national end of life charity providing care and support living with a terminal illness, and campaigns for better support for dying people.

With global aspirations, we were engaged to support in the development of their go-to-market strategy and investor engagement material.

The main challenge was starting this activity from scratch, working closely with their managing director to consolidate an array of information from various sources within the business  and clearly develop and communicate their growth aspirations in the financial model and investor deck. 

The End of Life health sector faces systematic detractors: limited people resource; limited budgets etc. This results in non-universal End of life experiences for people up and down the country.

Despite these pressures, the demand for the services is even higher. We were tasked with answering the question: ‘What is the future of end of life care?’, to determine what business models and technologies could be applied to disrupt and revolutionise patient outcomes. 

We combined a number of our innovation approaches. Our Disruption methodology scanned for future trends and technologies; we then took this foresight and created over 30 individual scenarios which were combined to create 4 future worlds. 

We then deployed our Fiercest Competitor approach: Given that these are the plausible futures we operate in, how would you deliver end of life care if you were a new company – with all the budget, resources and freedom to do it.

We have developed a total of three high level prototypes; one for each product. Our final deliverable, the written business cases, provide Marie Curie with the full analysis, background information and recommendations on each concept.

To secure further approval and funding, we created pitch decks for Marie Curie so that they are able to present these findings to trustees and venture capitalist.

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